One thing that everyone knows about Malaysia is how much they love sports. It is one of the country’s favorite past times and one entertaining activity that everyone can get involved in. In a certain way, sports are so popular there because they are an important part of the Malaysian culture. Everyone is very passionate about sports, from being mere spectators and seeing the live action of the events, to even having Malaysian people participate in competitions worldwide such as the olympics. 

Even though the country is very passionate about sport events in Malaysia, there are four popular sports in Malaysia that are loved by just about everyone in the country.

1. Badminton

One of the most popular sports in Malaysia is their Badminton team as unlike their football team, they seem to be growing and blooming greatly. The game of Badminton is a sport played with a racquet and it is meant to hit a shuttlecock which passes across a net. The game is usually played between two teams, two players in each team, and they are meant to strike the shuttlecock until it lands on the opposite side.

2. Rugby

A lot of people around the world have probably heard of Rugby, a game where the players are allowed to confront each other as one of them runs with a ball in their hand. The game is played by two teams with fifteen players each. Each team is supposed to take the ball from the other in order to score as many points as they can. The ball can be kicked, passed, or even carried by hand by the players. Very much like football, however in this case the players are allowed to touch the ball with their hands.

3. Football

Of course football had to make the cut in being one of the country’s favorite sports. This game is quite popular and it is also known in the entire world. For those that don’t really know about sports, football or soccer is a game between two teams of eleven players each, in which they both compete to take over a soccer ball to try to get it into the other team’s goal, and thereby scoring a point. Many people love to get together to watch these sort of events, such as the The World Cup which occurs every 4 years.

People even like to bet during these soccer matches as it makes the entire game even more interesting; and in this case people can decide to go to a casino to watch the game among other people or watch the game in the comfort of their own homes while placing their bets in a trusted online casino Malaysia. Either way, people get involved in different activities revolving the game itself since they are very passionate about the sport itself.

4. Sepak Takraw

Sepak Takraw is one of Malaysia’s favorites as it is considered to be their official national sport. The game is said to be a variation of traditional volleyball where hands are used to pass a ball over a net. With Sepak Takraw, people can use any part of their bodies except their arms to throw or pass the ball over to the other side. This is a very fun and entertaining sport to watch, as players jump and dive to the ground in order to bounce the ball over to the opposite team.