Types of slot tournaments: which is the best to play at online casinos

Slots tournaments are a new form of playing slots. Lately, it has become even more popular than regular mode where you just spin the reels. The tournaments are now available in most Canadian online casinos. Sometimes they call them races. Although tournaments differ from casino to casino, they all have the same idea: make players compete against each other to win a prize. The rules are pretty similar to the ordinary competitions, with one exception, they are online and for money.

Online casinos carry out tournaments almost every day. They are called daily tournaments. There are also weekly, monthly, or seasonal tournaments respectively. The latter type of tournaments are usually connected with some holiday season like Christmas and often have interesting offerings from places like crypto thrills that accompany them. On holidays, online casinos like to reward players with credits that will allow them to take part in the tournaments for free. 

Types of Tournaments

There are other types of tournaments: freeroll, and buy-in tournaments. Here we will describe an extra type called a VIP tournament. 

Usually, online casinos choose slots to host a tournament event. Once you decide to take part, your goal is to spin a slot machine and earn points. As a rule, winner is the player who has achieved the highest score first. Though rules can slightly vary.

Freeroll Tournaments

This type is free to participate. You practically compete for fun. You don’t risk, you don’t pay even for entry. Although it’s a risk-free type of tournament, they are not popular among Canadians at all. Besides, the prizes don’t involve cash. Wha players get awarded with are usually free spins or extra bonuses which they can use later on games. However, if you are a new player and eager to compete against other players, the freeroll tournaments are the best for you. This is a good practice at the start.

Buy-In Tournaments 

This type is a lot more entertaining and popular than the previous. Many Canadians consider the buy-in tournaments the best type as it lets them compete for real money. To enter these tournaments you need to pay a fee. It’s usually $20 — $50 that you buy credits for.

In every tournament prizes vary, but the general rule is the bigger the entry fee, the bigger the prize pool. That is because a percentage of each paid fee is reinvested into the pool. 

There is a secret to buy-in tournaments. You can purchase some extra features to improve your total score on the leaderboard. For example, you can buy add-ons and boost your results. They can help you overtake your allies and even lead you to the number one position. 

VIP Tournaments

You might have already caught the idea of VIP tournaments. They are also called Member tournaments and conduct championships for loyalty members only. Online casinos send private invitations to the high-rollers in the VIP club. Loyal members usually don’t pay for the entry to such exclusive events, but sometimes they come as buy-in participants because the elite prizes are very costly. Consequently, the VIP tournaments suit best to high-rollers since there are huge prizes and thus more interest. 


Hopefully, you are now more aware of the slot tournaments and their types. If you are already a frequent player but have never taken part in a tournament, we recommend starting with a freeroll type. Thus, you can fully understand the process of online competitions. As soon as you are ready to go for more, head over to buy-in tournaments and win extra money.