Professional gaming is not yet an official sport, but the hype is huge. Esports, in particular, are on the rise. The organised video gaming typically involves teams competing against each other in tournaments for a cash prize. Functionally, it’s the same as traditional sports. Top-level athletes are constantly vying for the top spots in their sport, or game, of choice. 

Beginning in the 1990s, gaming went from a casual hobby, to an organized professional sport. These days, eSports, is a soon-to-be $1 billion dollar dollar industry, are watched live by tens of millions of people and their potential Olympic debut is on the horizon. With significant growth year-after-year, the eSports industry is a modern day gold rush.

There are currently thousands of daily esports tournaments being hosted on a multitude of new and exciting online platforms – with each one enabling you to battle for cash. This overwhelming events can, however, be a bane. 

Here, we guide you to find the right competitions to register and compete on the top platforms for esports tournament brought to you by casino inquirer.


Toornament is an esports platform for tournament organizers, participants, and their fans. The site works with hall popular titles, regardless their specificities. Not only can you take part in the online esports tournament aments on this platform, but you also able to create your own as well!

The platform has been around for some time, having over 200 games! All gaming consoles are compatible with Toornament; so we bet you are going to find something that you can master to have a real money-making opportunity.


GameBattles is part of the Major League Gaming (MLG) network. It is one of the largest and longest online esports services for cash prize tournaments & ladders.

Recognized as a world leader in online gaming competition, Gamebattles currently has more than 10 million registered players worldwide, and currently supports cross-platform integration on Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PC, Nintendo Switch, gamingle.


UMGgaming was founded in 2012. You may well have heard of UMG before having held events in over 18 cities, as well as regularly broadcasting their live competitions to Twitch and YouTube, with online casinos for real money planning on providing for the tournaments that will be held in the future.

So far the online platform has approximate than glistered users, and in excess of 17,700,000 matches played. UMG allows users to play online esports tournaments n multiple platforms, including: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 5, mobile, and PC.


Gamersaloon is an e-sports pioneer that facilitates skill-based video game tournaments online, and head-to-head matches for real cash prizes. It was first launched in 2006 and has come a long way since then having over 1.4M+ members and awarding $75m plus in prizes.

The platform prides themselves on offering a large number of events, that are available for you to participate in almost every day of the year!