Red Sox corner infielder Bobby Dalbec took pregame reps at second base role and shortstop late last campaign.

He eventually played 4 innings at shortstop during the regular campaign, then an inning of second base in ALCS Game 6, with users of best au online casino watching the game closely at the time.

The Red Sox now wants the corner infielder to learn several positions, as well as the outfield.

Cora disclosed, “He’ll practice out there (in the outfield), I don’t know if the timing is going to help us (shorter spring training because of the MLB lockout) but go out there, shag, move around.

He added, “The second base thing is real, he work hard last year. And he was our second baseman the last half inning we played defense. So yeah, we’ll move him around. I think the more versatile, the better for him and his career, although he’s a good corner infielder. But for us, it will be great if he can play multiple positions.”

It will be recalled that Dalbec came up through the minor league as a third baseman. The team began giving Dalbec reps at first base in the upper levels of the minor league. He started 111 matches at first base and four matches at third base the last term.

Dalbec greatly struggled offensively all through the opening few months as a rookie back in 2021. But he went on to post a 1.087 OPS with 14 home runs, nine doubles, and two triples in his last 45 games (151 plate matches). He ended the campaign with a .792 OPS and 25 home runs.

Cora also said, “Competition is always good, and it seems like he found his groove when we traded for Kyle (Schwarber). Early in the season, I think he wasn’t as aggressive on certain pitches in the zone. Yeah, his power is to the right-center. But like I said, there were a lot of empty fly balls to right field. … The second part of the season, he pulled the ball. And he was more aggressive early in counts. That’s something we always preach here.”

Cora opined Dalbec learned so much last season and improved greatly his first base defense as the campaign progressed. The Boston Red Sox did some amazing drills back in August to teach Kyle Schwarber first base.

Cora also disclosed, “Different drills during the season that usually we don’t do, and Bobby was part of it, he was actually helping Kyle to learn first base and I bet he found a few things he wasn’t doing.”

Cora said he’s delighted Dalbec adjusted greatly and ended strong.

He added, “We’ll see what happens this year.”

On Thursday, the spring training routine resumed, with a contest between the Boston Red Sox and Minnesota Twins serving as the exhibition season-opening tie, in what will be a delighting game for users of

It was just a matter of time before a member of the Sox team launched the first home run in what seemed like a terribly long time. That player, as it turned out, was Boston Red Sox Bobby Dalbec.