Most Common Rookie Sports Betting Mistake

Sports betting on sites like Ausbet is not unlike all other forms of gambling. There are highs and lows, good days and bad. But through it all a certain frame of mind must be kept. Namely; the common rookie mistakes must be avoided at all costs. Thankfully with a little common sense and a stern focus on the bigger picture these pitfalls can be avoided.

Rookies should pay close attention and remember these common mistakes and it’s good to know facts like How Teen Patti is the King of Skill Games in India. No matter how bets are turning out a newcomer must never forget the basics.

Overestimating The Chances Of A Win

Many rookies get into sports betting thinking that it will be easy. The perception is that a favourite team can be chosen, a few bets can be thrown down, and the profits will start rolling in. It is this notion that trips up the vast majority of newbies.

Gambling is, very simply, a matter of risk versus reward. There are no sure bets, and thinking otherwise is the fast track to being broke. Sportsbooks aren’t in the habit of giving away free money, which means that even a sure bet has serious drawbacks. For example odds are carefully chosen, or handicaps are applied. If a much better team is facing off against an obvious underdog a handicap will be applied in order avoid a whitewash.

Ignoring Research

Rookies often assume that they can choose a winning team based on their wits alone. They think that since they’ve been watching a sport for years, surely they know exactly what’s happening behind the scenes. This is a catastrophic miscalculation. Professional bettors spend most of their time researching, and very little of their time actually putting down bets.

From injuries to weather conditions and more, there are many factors that can dramatically alter an outcome. Ignoring these factors is not just unwise, it is completely misunderstanding what makes sports betting so challenging.

Putting Down Too Many Wagers

Another rookie mistake is assuming that the more wagers are placed, the better the chances of winning. The idea makes sense on the surface, but the bottom line is that the shotgun approach is misguided. Rather than placing a dozen poorly thought out bets a smart punter will put down a single well researched bet. A single smart bet is worth more in the long run.

More to the point, scattered betting is nothing more than being lazy. 

Logic Over Emotions

The primary mistake made by rookie punters is betting with heart instead of logic. And this goes for everything in any type of gambling, whether betting on sports or playing online keno real money games. 

Most have a favourite team, and almost all feel loyalty to that team. The simple truth is that loyalty does not equals profits. A team will not notice, or care that fans are betting on them to win. In fact, it is guaranteed that a team will advise punters to use their brains and not their hearts.

The point is that smart punters know how to leave their emotions at the door. It is possible to support a team without having to constantly bet on that team.