Valuing the 2011 Free Agent Class

As I was reading Jim Bowden’s “Pricing the Free Agents” piece on ESPN last Friday afternoon, I could hear the rising and crashing waves of criticism coming from the Sabermetric/blogging community from over yonder…and by yonder, I mean Twitter. ...

Filling Out the 2012 Rotation

Last week, I was channeling my inner Mark McGwire when I triumphantly declared that I was not going to talk about the past, but instead focus on the future.  While I don’t plan on taking it quite to the extent Darryl alluded to on Sunday, I’m hoping to...

Oswalt In The Future?

Both Peter Gammons and have mentioned the plausibility the Astros could fall far enough out of contention by late June and into the trade deadline that their ace, Roy Oswalt, could be dealt. While the rumor didn

Eleven Names to Remember for the Trading Deadline

Did you know that the trading deadline is a scant two weeks away? There’s always a lot more bluster than there is actual trading and that’s been the case the last couple of years, but there are some tangential rumors out there involving the Red Sox. The...

Standing Pat

Reading through game threads, talking to fellow Red Sox fans and hearing the complaints of a nation, the general spotlight heading into the All-Star Break seems to be flashing on the man upstairs. No, I