Weekend Round-Up – 5/1/2011

Tales from around the Red Sox Blogosphere:

Tales from around the Yankee Blogosphere:

Tales from the Sweet Spot Mother Ship:

Tales from around the Sweet Spot Network:

  • The Platoon Advantage (MLB) – The Common Man explains how he learned to love the Mallpark and gives us player transaction trees for Chuck Knoblauch and Glenn Davis.  Bill re-projects Jose Bautista.
  • Crashburn Alley (Phillies) – Bill Baer statistically regresses the Phillies offense.  Read the whole thing, but the outlook isn’t encouraging.
  • The Ray Area (Rays) – Brendan and Mark do a point-counterpoint on Tropicana Field.
  • Nick’s Twin Blog (Twins) – With Mauer on the DL, Morneau not hitting, and Liriano struggling, Nick laments the Twins as a faceless franchise.
  • Capital Avenue Club (Braves) – Peter revisits his 2011 offensive projections for the Braves.
  • Fungoes (Cardinals) – Matt names Kyle Lohse the Cardinals most pleasant surprise.  That’s quite a turnaround considering he suggested the Cardinals go with a four man rotation and leave Lohse out.  It’s nice to see someone who’s not rigid in their opinions.
  • Royals Authority (Royals) – Craig discusses the Alex Gordon position change.  Can I ask just one question?  Why mess with something that’s not broken?
  • Bay City Ball (Giants) – Otis explains that there haven’t been any good surprises on the Giants in April.
  • Dodger Thoughts (Dodgers) – Josh shares is thoughts on McCourt’s second divorce.
  • Weaver’s Tantrum (Orioles) – No update this week.
  • B-List Indians Blog (Indians) – Steve recaps Thursday’s Indians-Royals game.  He kind of states the obvious, but it’s worth noting—Kyle Davies is not good at baseball.
  • Daily Fungo (Tigers) – Mike ponders a mid-week pounding by the Mariners.
  • Baseballin’ on a Budget (Athletics) – Dan wonders who the A’s are?
  • Pro Ball NW (Mariners) – Jon gives his thoughts on the Mariners season thus far.
  • Baseball Time in Arlington (Rangers) – Joey has an existential crisis moment—oh, and he talks about Colby Lewis too.
  • Ghostrunner on First (Blue Jays) – This article is worth clicking just for the t-shirt shown in the picture.  This needs to be a law—I’m serious.
  • View from the Bleachers (Cubs) – Alfonso Soriano calls his shot?  That’s freaking amazing—and ballsy considering his propensity for striking out.
  • Redleg Nation (Reds)Chad gives his thoughts on Dusty Baker irritation for having to justify his lineup to the press.
  • Austin’s Astros 290 Blog (Astros) – Austin gives a recap of the Cardinals-Astros series.
  • Disciples of Uecker (Brewers)Corey Hart is back!  That might not sound exciting to you, but to Brewers fans, anything’s better than watching Mark Kotsay and Eric Almonte roam right field.
  • Mets Today (Mets) – Roland puts together a piece on the head first slide.
  • Ducksnorts (Padres) – The Padres are overachievers—they’ve been shut out seven times in 2011.
  • Nationals Baseball (Nationals) – Harper thinks it’s time Rick Ankiel rides the pine.

Tales from around the Baseball Blogosphere:


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