Underrated MLB Hitters Poised for a Breakout

Watching a big-league hitter slug 20-plus dingers in a season used to be a big deal. It still is, but reaching that particular benchmark has become a lot more common in recent years. After 117 players hit 20-plus homers in 2017, another 100 accomplished the same feat in 2018. With this in mind, it’s important […]

Red Sox plan for Status Quo

According to all reports and Dave Dombrowski himself it looks like the Boston Red Sox are happy where they are. They plan to retain John Farrell and his staff and the players on the roster are all expected to return as is except for those who retire including David Ortiz and likely Koji Uehara. Is […]

Red Sox to Retire Ortiz number 34

An interesting side factor in the announcement that the Boston Red Sox will retire David Ortiz number 34 next season is that this will mark the tenth number of a former Red Sox player to be retired and sixth since the start of this century. (Not accounting the number 42 for Jackie Robinson) The Red Sox had […]

The Division is won, but should the Red Sox be better?

The Boston Red Sox of 2016 have won the AL East thanks to a loss by the Toronto Blue Jays last night. The team had a celebration in the clubhouse last night seemingly largely driven by advertising and less by an interest to party. That’s a good sign for a team more interested in what […]

Weighing the potential of Drew Pomeranz

The trade is done and the dust is settling over new Red Sox starter Drew Pomeranz. I’m not going to analyze the trade here any more than to say it was a good trade for both sides and while the Red Sox gave up a lot of skill they also lost some risk the same […]

David Ortiz helped Celtics recruit Al Horford

David Ortiz has three championship rings with the Red Sox. Tom Brady has four with the Patriots. Big Papi has one-upped Brady, however, when it comes to helping Boston’s NBA franchise lure free agents. Ortiz met with Al Horford as part of the Celtics’ sales pitch. Al Horford received advice from a Boston sports icon before […]

Your Guide to MLB All-Star Week

There are only a few more days until the 2016 edition of MLB All-Star Week is upon us. The 87th All-Star game and the exciting events surrounding it are set to take place at Petco Park in San Diego from July 10 through July 12. Check out our exclusive All-Star Week guide below and enjoy […]