Our previous trivia question:
Many of us know that Ted Williams sacrificed all or part of five major league seasons during the prime of his career to active service in the U.S. military during World War Two and the Korean War. How many combat missions did he fly and why did he receive an Air Medal?
Radiohix nailed it:
He was awarded an Air Medal for for bringing the plane back to the US Air Force base K-13, also called Suwon Air Base, after a failure of the hydraulics and electrical systems during a 35-plane strike package against a tank and infantry training school south of Pyongyang, North Korea on February 16, 1953.
Williams flew 38 combat missions before being pulled from flight status in June of 1953 after an old ear infection acted up.
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In 1999, perhaps one of the most endearing photos of Pedro Martinez of all time was taken. Pedro, mouthing off as usual, had his mouth taped and then wrapped from head to toe against a pole in the dugout, where he was left before Bret Saberhagen cut him loose. One of the two players who taped Pedro to the dugout said “Chicago called up and asked if we could shut him up.”
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