“Effective” isn’t a term often used to describe Daisuke Matsuzaka’s outings, but that’s exactly what he looked like in last night’s start, as the Red Sox took a second win off of the Cleveland Indians, 6-2.

Dice worked through six innings, allowing only five hits and two earned runs. As always, his strikeouts were right up there with seven Ks on the night against a depressed looking Indian’s squad. Jeremy Sowers would only make it through three innings with four earned runs, putting an additional strain on an already stretched Cleveland bullpen.

Alex Gonzalez was hit by a pitch and will have X-Rays done today, and Rocco Baldelli went down with another leg injury (surprise, surprise). For the second night in a row, there were no home runs at the Fens, but the doubles were a flyin’ as Ellsbury, Varitek, Bay, and Youkilis all went for two.

Tonight’s “How ‘Bout that 2.22 ERA Since Coming Back” Award goes to Dice-K. Well… how ‘bout it?

Next game – 9/3 – BOS vs. CLE – Beckett / Laffey