New Poll Question: What do you expect out of the Kaz/Buchholz game Sunday?

  • Gotta love that home cookin’, baby.
  • For Kaz to be a Sox killer again and Buchholz to wilt.
  • A pitching duel with the Sox bats not showing up again.
  • It’ll come down to who hits more home runs.

I’m choosing to be optimistic and say it’s all about the home cooking! Leave your line predictions in the comments and vote in the poll on the right.

Previous Poll results:

What do you expect out of Josh Beckett tonight?

  • Quality start: 6+ IP, 5-8 hits, 5-8 Ks, 3 or fewer runs – 38%
  • Dominant performance:7+ IP, low hit total, 8+ Ks, less than 2 runs – 29%
  • Deep but touched: 6+ IP, more than 3 runs – 8%
  • I don’t want to talk about it the next morning: less than 5 IP, 4+ runs – 14%
  • Short but solid: 5 IP, less than 2 runs, high pitch count – 5%
  • Rocked – 5%

Eight percent of you, unfortunately, nailed it.