With the news out of the Bronx that Derek Jeter is now sidelined for the remainder of the Playoffs with a fractured ankle, it seems like as good a day as anyone to discuss the future of the Shortstop position for the Boston Red Sox.  All options are indeed better than the one who almost became Red Sox SS, he now is pinch hit for by ERIC CHAVEZ.

It is obvious from a look at any of the stats and metrics (offensively) that the Sox do not have a SS that would be all over ESPN with an injury, but they do have some internal options and prospects that could make headlines in the (hopefully near) future.

Mike Aviles:  The man who had the job out of Spring Training in 2012 and initially impressed when he came out swinging a hot bat for the first portions of the season, failed to maintain that pace and found himself hoping for at-bats in September.  He is technically the incumbent and is arbitration eligible through 2015, so one would assume he will go into next season with as good a chance as any to at least start the season at Fenway.  Aviles is not an awe inspiring name of performer, but he is steady with the glove and can put a charge in a ball or two along the way.  I look for him to ultimately be someone who finishes next season elsewhere.

Pedro Ciriaco:  For those who managed to stick with this team once the writing was on the wall, you were treated to the Pedro Ciriaco experience.  Pedro offers a good glove and great speed (plus the amazing knack to hit everything thrown from a Yankee pitcher) coupled with his ability to play multiple positions, fairs mighty well in his attempt to make the big league club when they depart from Ft. Meyers next spring. Ciriaco has the make-up to be an efficient super-utility player that can provide a spark when needed.

Jose Iglesias:  The stats on Iglesias are neither large in number or sample size, he remains the most intriguing candidate for the starters spot next season.  He may be the anti-Jeter, the boy has an amazing glove, some regard it as the best in baseball (ironic that he may not end up with more Gold Gloves than the overrated defense of Jeter).  The problem with Iglesias… No one is certain that he will ever be able to hit enough to justify keeping him in the lineup for a premier Major League ball club.  Jose should have a decent shot to make the team next season–especially if Aviles is moved.

Xander Bogaerts: Ok, I realize the kid is only 20, and has yet to be close to a Major League call up yet in his career, but if looking at Manny Machado with the Orioles excited you at all this season, you can’t help but think that Bogaerts may have a chance to show something special and become an impact player at some point next season.  Like Machado he may have to move off SS to accomplish that, but there is enough (albeit very raw) to Bogaerts to hope to see him make the leap.