Welcome back to the second edition of @firebrandal Tweet’s of the Week, which is a short series that we do every other week over here at Fire Brand of the American League.

Woah big fellah (Kelly O’Conner www.sittingstill.net)

The last place 48-57 Boston Red Sox seem to have finally faced the reality that this current squad of players is not October bound. After a four game winning streak out of the All-Star break, the Sox quickly lost five straight before finally snapping that losing streak last night courtesy of David Ortiz and his ever publicized bat flip.

During that five game losing streak the aforementioned Peavy was dealt and trade rumors ran rampant on Saturday night that the Sox were in the process of making a trade during the game against the Rays. If you were not on Twitter this Saturday night, you probably did yourself a favor. The Red Sox trade speculation and rumor mill was as bizarre and crazy as I have ever seen it (#HugWatch). People were calling for a three way trade that featured Lester heading the Dodgers while the Red Sox somehow managing to yank Giancarlo Stanton from the Marlins. Down in Pawtucket, Jonathan Herrera was pulled out of the lineup mid-game and people thought beyond a shadow of a doubt that Herrerra was being traded (he was injured). Up in the “Show,” Daniel Nava was pinch hit for with Jonny Gomes and immediately Twitter exploded with Nava trade rumors. Thus, although it will be nearly impossible to pick a legitimate top 10 tweets of the week, it should be fun.

Honorable Mention: Last Monday the Red Sox were delivering one of their rare beat downs of an opposing team (they beat the Blue Jays 14-1) and John Leary (@GreenLineOutfit) tweeted this… Please make this happen, John: 


10. This tweet has absolutely nothing to do with the Red Sox, but I thought it was quite funny. This is a Jose Abreu selfie and I have no idea why it was taken, I don’t know its purpose, I think that it is on a plane, I am thinking it may have been accidental, but what I do know is that it made me laugh. Also, Abreu is a large human being:


9. For all you tender hearted folks out there, I’m with you, this picture is great. Thanks to @RedSoxStats for capturing it:


8. o/ (Cc: @SurvivingGrady):

7. If you watch the Sox games via NESN you will be familiar with the “NESN PrePlay Starting Pitcher Projection” graphic that NESN shows prior to every starting pitchers start. I, along with @RedSoxStats, realize that the projection always seems to be incredibly positive. It does not matter who is pitching… It could be Felix Doubront and the projections would read something like this: 7 IP, 2 ER, 0 BB, 10 K.


6. After the Red Sox took an early lead on the Blue Jays in the third game of their four game set thanks to an Ortiz mammoth home run, Joon Lee (iamjoonlee) and BoSoxInjection (@BoSoxInjection) had this short, but funny tweet conversation… Turns out, BoSoxInjection was right:

5. Felix Doubront is worthless, if you didn’t know that already (Cc: @brianmacp):

4. @Soxlunch gave us this gem after Ortiz hit his first inning three run slam off RA Dickey on Wednesday. To give you some background, last Sunday Ortiz told reporters that he was “about to get hotter than Jamaica in the middle of August” at the plate. Ortiz has lived up to that statement as he has slugged five home runs in the past seven games. 

3. If you have not read Jason Mastrodonato‘s column on Brock Holt in high school, you should. Not only is it a great piece, but it also features many good pictures on tiny Holt in school. Here is a picture that Jared Carrabis suggested Mastrodonato use in his column: 

2. Hey, Chris Archer (Cc: @Jared_Carrabis):

1. #HugWatch #HUGS #Stanton #Whatthehellisgoingon ***HEAD EXPLODES*** This, ladies and gentlemen, is Twitter in a nutshell:



@firebrandal Tweet of the Week… It could be worse, people. We could be Padres fans: