Technology has always been about moving forward and adaptation. When Man got tired of not being able to communicate with other people effectively, he created the internet. When the internet became a global technological and cultural phenomenon, even institutions such as land-based casinos joined in, creating online casinos to cater to the ever-increasing internet audience.

Then came the advent of the smartphone which changed everything. High-functioning computers could now fit in your pocket, and you could access everything on the internet using your smartphone. Suddenly, the survival of web-based businesses depended on whether they adapted to the mobile revolution or not. Those who didn’t, they withered away into obscurity, while those who did, they prospered.

The online gambling and igaming industry took notice too, and they started adapting their platforms to be optimized for and available to smartphone users. It wasn’t long before mobile versions of online casinos started getting frequented more than their desktop counterparts. This switch was due to a few key factors:

1. Convenience

This is the biggest factor for the rise in mobile betting and gambling platforms. It’s just convenient. You don’t need a laptop or desktop to fire up your favorite online casino website and start playing. Furthermore, high-powered smartphones keep getting cheaper and cheaper.

You carry your phone almost 100% of the time, and internet connectivity is never an issue. You can pull it out and play a few hands of poker or several spins of online slots while you take the train or bus to work. The gameplays and bonuses for most games on mobile are the same as those on the desktop.

2. Continuous Development

Smartphones keep getting better and better with advancements in technology, and online casinos keep developing and optimizing their games for mobile. As time passes, the experience of gambling on your phone will only keep improving as companies commit themselves to the booming mobile market.

3. Similar Functionality

You might think that playing casino games on your phone would have several drawbacks as compared to their desktop counterparts. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Online casinos ensure that their mobile-optimized games offer similar or even the same functionality as their corresponding desktop versions. 3D slot games boast of beautiful graphics and breathtaking animations, and phones nowadays are more than capable of handling that level of computing power.

Deposits and withdrawals are just as easy. Google Pay and Apple Pay make financial transactions a piece of cake. If you prefer payment platforms like Paypal and Skrill, most of them have their own mobile apps with complete functionality. If you prefer to deal in crypto, exchanges like Coinbase also offer mobile-based cryptocurrency wallets. There’s almost nothing your smartphone can’t do.

These key factors have made gambling-on-the-go not only a reality but a popular choice for several users that include both casual gamblers and seasoned veterans alike. Mobile casinos are the future of online gambling, without a doubt.