For a layman or an amateur fan, all soccer jerseys are the same. According to the individual, the only difference between them is the quality of fabrics. Authentic and replica soccer jersey may seem similar at first glance, but they are different from each other in many ways. Some are easy to notice while others aren’t obvious. What differs authentic soccer jerseysfrom replica outfits?

The answer to the question lies in the attributes of a jersey. From the logo to color and fabric, there are plenty of things that help hardcore fans understand what they are buying. Considering these major things, a fan can get the right product as per the requirement.

Authentic vs Replica Soccer Jerseys

Whether you are buying men’s soccer jerseysor ones for women, there are three major differences that you can observe in authentic and replica jerseys. These are the key features that set the two types of jerseys apart from each other. Understanding them, you can decide on whether you want authentic jerseys or a replica.


Fabric is the main element of a jersey. Breathability is a thing that differentiates two types of jerseys from each other. For example, an authentic soccer jersey has a more breathable fabric than a replica jersey. Players wear a breathable jersey to quickly move sweat away during a game. Apart from that, the authentic jersey is more stretchable.

Authentic jerseys make good team soccer jerseysdue to their breathability. Although replica jerseys are also breathable and lightweight, they are not stretchable and do not have ventilation.


When it comes to comparing the application of authentic and replica soccer jerseys, things that are compared include details like a team logo and others. These are designer details that are hard to notice for an amateur fan. On the other hand, hardcore fans understand the importance of logos and other small details.

In most of the authentic, official soccer jerseys, the team logo is heat transferred. On the other side, the logo on a replica jersey is usually woven. Although the woven logo also looks attractive, it is heavier than the heat transferred logo. Similar to the logo, various other details are heat transferred on an authentic soccer jersey. They also include stripes on a jersey. These heat transferred details make a jersey lightweight and appealing.   


Many buyers fail to observe this element when they are differentiating the two types of jerseys. Authentic soccer jerseys are made to stay fit on a player’s body. This provides the player with comfort and protects him from getting grabbed by the opponent from the jersey.

On the other hand, replica jerseys have more space in the mid-section to allow a wearer to feel relaxed.

Buy Authentic Soccer Jerseys

If you want to get authentic soccer jerseys, then notice the traits mentioned above in a jersey to ensure that you are making the right purchase. Ensure that you inspect all the features of a jersey you want to buy. Get the jersey from a reputed store that offers high-quality jerseys manufactured by reputed brands.