When it comes to golfing, there is a certain expectation of how you should conduct yourself when you’re on the green. From what you’re expected to wear to how you leave the course, there are a handful of things that you should keep in mind to be a good player. Take a look at some of our tips on how to maintain good golf etiquette before you hit the course.

Communication is Key

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One of the first rules of golf is that you must be mindful of when you speak. When someone is getting ready to swing, that is not the right time to start a conversation. Be considerate of those you’re playing with and the space that they need to have a successful game. This isn’t to say that there cannot be any kind of conversation during the game—walking or riding your golf cart in between holes is the perfect time to talk.

Keep in mind that there is an exception to this rule. If you find yourself in a situation where someone could be hit by a golf ball, that is the time to speak up. Clearly yell “Fore” to alert the individual of the incoming ball.

Clean Up After Yourself 

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You probably grew up hearing your mother tell you to “clean up after yourself” and “leave things better than you found them”. Turns out this applies to your game of golf, as well. 

If you found yourself in a sand trap or bunker, take the time to smooth out the sand before you move on to the next hole. If you’ve made a divot in the turf with your stroke, smooth the turf back down and let those working at the golf course know so that they can go back and fill it with sand. It’s all about being considerate of those who will come to the course after you.

Dress for the Occasion

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Depending on the golf course, there might be a dress code for when you hit the green. A good rule of thumb for men is a neutral-colored polo, chinos, a reliable pair of golf shoes, and a hat or visor if necessary. For women, a golf skirt or pair of neutral-colored pants paired with a collared, sold-color shirt with golf shoes and a hat or visor is a reliable way to go.

You’ll also want to make sure you’re well equipped with the tools needed for a successful game. Invest in a putter that works best for you, such as this face-balanced blade putter. Find a wedge club that is most comfortable for you to use, and look into some fairway woods. Having your golf bag stocked with your essentials is sure to help you play a good round.

Read the Room

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As much as you may want to advise your friend on their posture or form, do your best to read the situation and gauge whether or not your advice would be welcome. Going back to our first piece of advice, it’s important to be selective about when you speak while on the golf course. Striking up a conversation about how to golf better when your friend is getting ready to swing is probably not the best timing.

You’ll also want to be mindful of what pace you’re moving at in your game. Keep in mind that, not only are you playing with a group, but there is a possibility that there are other groups that have to put their game on pause if yours is taking too long at your hole. Be considerate of those around you and don’t take more time than you need.

Stay Safe

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No one wants to get hit in the head with a golf ball. Do your very best to be mindful of the putting line of other players, and don’t walk across it. You don’t want to be the one that others have to yell “Fore” to. Additionally, if you’re driving a golf cart, do so responsibly. Don’t let yourself get too out of hand. You don’t want any golf carts tipping over!

Keep Calm and Play Nice

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It can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of the game. If things don’t pan out the way you’d like, remember to keep calm. Making a scene by throwing clubs or shouting is sure to make everyone around you uneasy. At the end of every game, be sure to shake everyone’s hands and congratulate them on a good game.

Time to Hit the Green

Put on your golf shoes, grab your bag of clubs, and get out on that course! Following these etiquette tips is sure to help you and those around you have a successful, enjoyable game of golf. Good luck!