Amongst the growing number of businesses in different sectors that are falling on hard times, there are those who are finding a strong footing during the current global pandemic, and now as the green light has been given for many to return to business as usual, those who have been pulling ahead in the past three months have started to show just how successful a time they have had.

The big success story has been found in the growth of online casino brands throughout the pandemic – brick and mortar locations have remained closed until very recently, but the reopening of big offline locations such as Vegas have thrown their future success into question as day on day positive cases have continued over the past week leading many to return to online alternatives for the time being whilst safety measures are still being figured out. It’s also important to note that a large part of the growth can be found as sporting event cancellations led many who would traditionally use betting services turn to the online casinos instead – as sporting events are now returning across the board there could be a significant drop found, but only time will tell here too.

Much of this growth has come despite changes within regulation in many countries too – over the past two months there have been measures put into place such as blocks to advertising, but also to initiatives aimed at reducing exposure to problem gamblers – one of which is setup within the UK called gamstop, and a recent change was made for it to be mandatory to operators within the country – this change has come alongside a ban to credit card betting too. Despite this growth has been found as operators register outside of the UK, newer brands have been performing well as this review of one of them shows – but again this could largely be down to the little competition whilst sporting is cancelled.

Online casino use as a whole has been seeing a large growth over the past five years or so as the audience continues to change to match this growing game type – it has already been researched that this audience consisting primarily of women over the age of 34, typically spend around $80 per year on these types of games, it may become interesting to see if that figure has increased or decreased over the course of this pandemic due to increased user activity. There are those already reporting daily revenue has increased 24% on the previous year, and that new customer acquisition has also increased by 20% year on year. There’s still a little time to gather more information before a big shift back toward betting takes place, but it certainly has been a profitable time for these growing casino brands  – the next step will be to retain as many new players as possible, given what has been mentioned about offline locations this may entirely be possible as players look to stay safe during the ongoing pandemic crisis that seems to be hitting a second wave.