Playing football can be great, not only as a fun activity, but also as a way to keep fit. However, you will always need to be sure that you have the best possible equipment for the job, and with this in mind, we have put together some tips on how you can make sure you have the best football boots for your needs.

Consider your budget

How much cash you have to spare should always be your first consideration. You can narrow down your search with this alone. If you play football a lot, you might want to put aside a bit more cash for a PowerPlay than if you only play in the park with your mates, for example. Knowing an approximate price range can be great, as it means you can be more specific with your search.

Think about where you’re going to play

There are different kinds of boots for different surfaces – so grass, AstroTurf and indoor pitches will all have different needs. If you play on one surface more than another, this should help you to decide on the kind of boots you need. This is an important consideration, as it means you can stay safe while you play.

Try different materials

Like anything else in life, we all have varying tastes, and football boots are no different. You can opt for a few different materials, including leather, synthetic and knitted boots. They each have their pros and cons, but the main thing to think about is how comfortable they feel to you. If you’ve never tried a certain material before, it’s a good idea – as you might find that you never look back. 

The size of your boots

You’re going to be running round in these boots a lot, so you need to be certain that they fit you properly. Simply knowing your shoe size isn’t necessarily enough, as sizes can vary between brands, and widths often vary too. Although you might feel silly, it’s always best to walk around the shop in your shoes when you try them on, and even jog a little if you can, to give yourself an idea of what it might feel like to play in them. Some will feel a little uncomfortable, but you will eventually find the perfect shoe for you. 

Choose your colour wisely

Finally, once you’ve thought about the style and size that fits your needs the best, you can start to think about the colour of your boots. You have many options here, and most brands offer a range of colours including vibrant styles and also designs that fit more subtly with the rest of your kit. This really is about personal preference, but it can help to bring your kit with you when you try your boots on, to make sure that it looks just as good with your chosen boots as you imagined. Taking the time to think so carefully about your boots means that they will work hard for you for a long time to come, so it is always worth paying close attention to exactly what you need.