Mike Mussina DID get lucky last time out against the Boston Red Sox, but tonight Mussina’s luck ran out after facing Manny Ramirez.
Ramirez jacked two home runs off of Mussina and “Moose” was chased from the game after three innings of work. The Yankees starter yielded five runs and seven hits in his amount of work.
Not only did Ramirez have a big game (3-5, three RBI, two HR), but so did J.D. Drew. The Sox rightfielder was 2-4 with two RBIs to his credit.
Josh Beckett restored order back to the universe with 8 innings, three runs allowed, one walk and five strikeouts. Jonathan Papelbon pitched the ninth inning and gave up two runs, one of them coming off of a solo home run by Melky Cabrera.
Star of the Game: Manny Ramirez
Anytime a player hits two home runs and drives in three runs in a game and your team wins, that is almost a lock for star of the game. Manny did more than that though: Ramirez pushed the Yankees starter in Mussina out of the game early letting the rest of the offense take shots at the shaky Yankees bullpen.
Preview of the Next Game: Luis Mendoza (0-1) vs Daisuke Matsuzaka (3-0)
Dice-K has looked stellar so far this season and Boston could sure use another outstanding outing from the Japanese star. They face a Texas Rangers team that is coming off a 4-1 win over the Toronto Blue Jays.
Game Notes: David Ortiz continues to struggle as he went 0-5 in the contest. Manny Ramirez is five hom eruns away from the 500 club after connecting for two home runs last night. J. D. Drew has chalked up five hits in the past two games and is hitting better on the road (.379) then at home (.333).