Photo courtesy of Kelly O’Connor

Hello again everyone! Roughly six weeks until pitchers & catchers report! Aren’t you excited? Not really? Well, that was more than I expected, I guess. Anyway, links galore!

  • Logic, not just optimism, dictates that your Red Sox will be better in 2013. Or, if you want to be statistical, there will be some regression to the mean. What? I know stuff too. (Elaborating on the Red Sox’ upgrade)
  • In a nice, colorful, slideshow-y way, Sean McAdam goes over the chores the Red Sox must finish so that they can play baseball again. Work before play, children. (Five things the Red Sox need to do)
  • Buster Olney, the revered user of the retort “sparky”, lists the Red Sox’ lineup as the 6th best in the majors. Being in the AL East, you all know what that means – it’s the worst in the division. (Olney: Sox lineup among top 10)

I love making song references my titles. There’s always a lyric somewhere that relates to some post.