Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor,

Photo courtesy of Kelly O’Connor,

Guys, I’m making the 2013 Baseball Hall of Fame class reunion letters and need some creative – oh. Right. Blank ballots, morality debates, and no players voted in. Here’s some links for you all while I stare at this situation incredulously.

  • The Baseball Writers’ Association of America, unsurprisingly, is way behind the rest of the baseball world when it comes to HoF candidacy. It’s like sports’ version of Congress, only without a fiscal cliff. (A decade later, the eyes suddenly have it for the Hall)
  • While the World Baseball Classic isn’t all bad, the Red Sox have been on the receiving end of some bad seasons from players that participated…ok, Daisuke Matsuzaka wasn’t really all that great in the first place, but he could’ve done better. (Jon Lester, Clay Buchholz should skip WBC)

Also, Joel Hanrahan took over the Red Sox Twitter account for a day and replaced its avatar with a long-haired version of himself. Unlike that last link, this was pretty hysterical – in a good, fun, non-strange way.