The elusive Smiling Jacoby. Photo (c) Kelly O’Connor,

I’ve seized the opportunity to commandeer Fire Brand’s regular links post from the tyrant Brett Cowett, since Brett is writing today’s column. As a result of that, today’s links have become 125% more awesome. Let’s get started.





  • Felix Doubront seems to be inching closer to my worst nightmare – becoming Jonathan Sanchez. His most recent start (against the White Sox), however, was certainly a step in the right direction. With Franklin Morales prepping to start in the minors, Doubront needs a hot streak like no other right about now.


  • We all knew Bailey was going to end up on the Disabled List at some point this year, but with his return this past Monday, he’s now in a position to benefit the team in a huge way this season. Of course, he’ll have to stay healthy going forward, as well. But that can happen, right? Right…?


  • The Sad Tale of Daniel Bard continues, and the Sox are still not quite sure how to fix it. It might be too much to hope for Bard to return to the dominant setup man he was, but I would personally be happy just to see us salvage a decent middle reliever out of him at this point.


That’s all for now, but remember: Down with Brett! Down with Brett!