There’s a very good chance the Red Sox can clinch the division this week. Hell, they can win a playoff spot tonight if they win and Cleveland loses. So why not just keep on winning? This time, they’ll have a chance to deal a fatal blow to the Baltimore Orioles.

BALTIMORE ORIOLES – 79-70, 3rd place in the AL East (12.0 GB)

Power hitting and great defense can only get you so far, it seems. The Orioles, since their last meeting with the Red Sox, have gone 9-and-11. They’re basically treading water in a swim meet at this point. Baltimore has an uphill battle to earn a wild card spot at this point, but the Red Sox can end that fight prematurely in this series alone.


He's homer-ific!

He’s homer-ific!


1 – Nate McLouth – LF – .266/.337/.407

2 – Manny Machado – 3B – .288/.316/.442

3 – Chris Davis – 1B – .294/.377/.649

4 – Adam Jones – CF – .293/.323/.505

5 – Nick Markakis – RF – .273/.328/.362

6 – J.J. Hardy – SS – .264/.309/.447

7 – Matt Wieters – C – .230/.285/.410

8 – Michael Morse – DH – .218/.272/.388

9 – Brian Roberts – 2B – .242/.306/.365

Who’s hot? – Last 14 days

  • J.J. Hardy: 16 hits, .392 OBP, 144 wRC
  • Adam Jones: 3 HR, .245 ISO, .370 wOBA

Who’s not? – Last 14 days

  • Michael Morse: 1 hit, no walks, -92 wRC
  • Matt Wieters: .184 AVG, .539 OPS, .240 wOBA


Photo by Kelly O'Connor of

Photo by Kelly O’Connor of


Ryan Dempster vs. Scott Feldman

Feldman doesn’t give up a ton of homers, but with all the ridiculous support the Red Sox give Dempster, he might get hammered regardless. Dempster will try to pitch well in what could very well be one of his final starts of 2013 after a season in which he’s been less than stellar. I don’t believe I have to go over exactly how meh Dempster’s been.

Jake Peavy vs. Wei-Yin Chen

Wei-Yin Chen is the best pitcher the Orioles have by fWAR. While that sounds fantastic, that fWAR is a measly 1.8. Yeah. He’s the best out of a group of terrible pitchers, even though he strikes out less than 7 batters per nine innings and gives up at least a homer in the same span. Peavy, along with racking up the amount of quarters in the cuss jar, will attempt to shut the Orioles in his first start against them.

Chris Tillman vs. John Lackey

You all know about my resentment toward Chris Tillman, or at least I hope you do. He and his irritating skill of dodging every possible regression event that could be caused from his massive FIP. And since it’s Tillman, he’ll probably shut down the Red Sox for 7 innings. Again. Sigh.


  • Baltimore
    • Nate McLouth: Questionable for Tuesday’s game (September 17th, bruised right knee)
    • Darren O’Day: Questionable for Tuesday’s game (September 17th, numbness in right hand/wrist)
  • Boston
    • Will Middlebrooks: Questionable for Tuesday’s game (September 17th, flu-like symptoms)


Just dress up in medieval garb, yell “FOR THE PENNANT!” and just win, baby, win.