Evan Brunell’s 2010 MLB Predictions: Does Boston win it?

Game Four-NLDS-Colorado Rockies Host Philadelphia Phillies

As the advent of spring training games are upon us, I thought I’d kick off everyone’s favorite little exercise by providing my own personal predictions as to how I think the season will shake out. Now, before I do so, a word of caution: predictions can change daily based on events. Heck, my predictions change multiple times a week. But I’ve gotta make predictions at some point, right? Point being, I might disagree with my own predictions a week from now. Most of the time, these kind of predictions are an exercise in fallacy, but it’s not going to stop me from trying.

I don’t know why I made things harder on myself, but I set out to present an exact record. This means I had to go into a spreadsheet and make sure all the wins and losses totaled the correct amount of games while also balancing out to a .500 record. Took me a while, but dadgum it, I did it. One thing I did not control for was the unbalanced schedule (in a total record sense), but I already strained my tenuous math skills, so I wasn’t about to complicate it further.

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5:16 PM A potential roster crunch was just solved … unfortunately. Brendan Donnelly is undergoing Tommy John surgery and will be out for the year. He did quite well for the BoSox and will be missed. However, it does ease the crunch on the bullpen. The bullpen will now have one person exiting (Snyder? Delcarmen?) […]

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