Have the Cleveland Indians and their fans forgotten the “grandstanding” of Manny Ramirez upon hitting a home run in last years’ American League Championship Series?
It appears not. Writing in the Cleveland.com Sports blog, Skip Hall calls out for some action against the city’s former slugger.

“If professional baseball players truly police themselves on the field, it’s time for Ramirez to get the major-league equivalent of a Taser blast.
He needs to be knocked down — at the least.
Ramirez’s act last October calls for high-and-tight heat. Don’t hit him, just put him on the ground. If Jake Westbrook wants to put a two-seamer into Ramirez’s ribs, well, there will be no tears shed here.” – Skip Hall, Cleveland.com Sports Blog

I am certainly not a proponent of Manny’s grandstanding. But I don’t know that a “message” from the Indians is in order or would serve to “police” Manny in anyway. For a message to land with a meaning, the recipient must at least have a notion of what they have done and the consequence of that action. I don’t think Manny has either.
If I were the Indians, I would be focusing more on winning the game than “sending Manny a message.”